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Meet the faces and stories behind your business’s biggest financial cheerleaders


One day, it clicked:

My ticket to the best things in life is a profitable business.

And just as quickly, I saw how many fellow entrepreneurs had begun their journeys with high hopes, and low or no profit.

I knew my next mission in life was to empower business builders of all stages to profit more and faster from their life’s work.

I bet you started your business in pursuit of big dreams, too., how's that going?

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If your bank account hasn't exactly been overflowing with dream-fueling cash, you're not failing.

You just haven't had the tools and support that will give you financial clarity.

Good news:

This is exactly what I specialize in. Together with my team, I've empowered dozens of business owners like you to:

Meet your new financial support team:

(your business's biggest cheerleaders)

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Founder & Co-owner of Empowered to Profit

I hold a Master’s Degree in accounting and have over 10 years of experience in analyzing and evaluating the adequacy of books and processes for a variety of companies and government entities. I have been able to influence countless business finances but my passion was ignited when I saw the need for financial education in small business owners.
Cheryl thrives on:
Adventures, Disney vacations wither her husband & two kids, and her rascally (and adorable French Bulldogs, Penelope and Pierre).
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Founder & Co-owner of Empowered to Profit

Years ago I got interested in helping business owners grow their dreams and started a small bookkeeping firm. With a Bachelors’s Degree in Business and a background in insurance and the banking world, I was able to help business owners apply proactive steps to enhance and grow their businesses. A passion was quickly born to help these business owners by empowering them on how to project their business success and personal finances.

Katrina thrives on:

Ocean life, Smoothies, and new jetski adventures with her husband and three kids.



I’ve been in the accounting field for over 20 years. I enjoy working on the “challenging” cases and budgeting is my favorite!”

Liz thrives on:

Hiking, biking, and exploring with my husband and 10 year old son.



“I hold an accounting degree and enjoy completing tasks and checking things off the to-do list. I love to organize and take care of all the little details so the client doesn’t have to.”

Lindsay thrives on:

Spending time with her husband, twin toddler boys and her two fur babies.


Social Media Manager

“Numbers and creativity might seem like an odd combo, but that’s me! With an accounting degree and a love for all things social media, I enjoy blending my passion for creativity with strategic thinking to help share our story in the digital world!”

Ally thrives on:

Traveling, coffee, and spending time with my husband and two kiddos.

“I control my finances, they don't control me!”

“Thanks to your help, I’m taking a paycheck—something I didn’t think was possible. I’m even putting aside 15% for taxes and 5% for profit (and paying all of the bills), even though my real revenue hasn’t changed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”

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