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Outsourcing isn’t ALWAYS the answer…


I received a call yesterday… she has a small retail store and NEEDS it to start making a profit. (Her divorce is final in a few months)

I’m going to stop right here and say this before I finish… Ya’ll, your business shouldn’t HAVE to make a profit because you are going through a hard time and “now it NEEDS to work.” It’s a business, you should have a financial plan in place to make it profitable. I say this all the time – Your business needs to pay YOU – always, not sometimes, not when something comes up, but ALWAYS. Otherwise what is the dang point?!?

We are at that time of year when we get these calls DAILY (2 yesterday alone)

This woman also wanted info on if we can do her year of books and once I told her the starting price – she said “yeah there is no way I can do that.” AND I AGREE! Don’t pay someone to do your books, if you aren’t making or aren’t on track to make over 6-figures. (I just posted about this on Instagram last week)

BUT just because you can’t pay someone to do it, doesn’t mean you can ignore it! You have to do them! And when I suggested that she complete her own books, she said “but I can’t do that”

Of course she could do her own books and YOU can too! I mean you’re smart enough to start a business – you absolutely can do your own books and SAVE over $6K a year. But YOU have to do it. The answer isn’t always outsourcing…. It starts with doing, and then outsourcing when you are in a financial position that it makes sense.