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6 Financial Habits to Keep Your Business Healthy

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems."

Building good financial habits isn’t something most of us learned how to do. But without having a clear picture of what our money is doing, we can’t hope to build a business that lets us dream big. (And, you know…pays us a consistent paycheck. That’s pretty important, too!)

6 Financial Habits to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

The good news? Effective financial habits don’t take much time. That headache-inducing marathon in front of your laptop (perhaps you’ve been there before) only happens when you don’t stay on top of your financials. But we’re calling an end to that today. 

Instead, ditch the stress by implementing these habits today—your tomorrow self (and bank account!) will thank you for it.


Categorize Income/Expenses


Check Bank Balances


Review Profit Plan


Reconcile all bank/credit card accounts


Compare Budget to Actual


Take a Profit Payout


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