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Your Financial Team (Who to Hire and When)

Let’s see a show of hands: how many of us have heard the conventional advice that a bookkeeper should be your first business hire? 

Speaking as an accountant who runs a bookkeeping business, let me just set the record straight: bookkeepers are valuable when you’re in the right stage of business, but they aren’t essential for all stages and—in most cases—it’s in your best interest not to hire a bookkeeper first.  

When to hire bookkeeper
So, who should you hire, and when?We created this helpful chart to give you a clear overview of what role each  member plays, and when you should consider hiring each one.
What they do
When to hire


Document and categorize financial activity in accounting software

If you aren't willing do to do it yourself; if you would make more money spending your time elsewhere

We teach you how to efficiently and easily do your own bookkeeping in our Rock Solid Financials Course


Prepares, examines, and analyzes financial records

When you need to compile financial data and want help understanding what the data means for your business

Profit Strategist

Creates a forward-facing financial strategy focused on putting more money in your bank account and building a profitable and scalable company

When you have revenue coming in the door and don't have a custom financial strategy centered on profit for both you and your business

 You get monthly 1:1 coaching from our Profit Strategists in our Empowered to Profit 12 month program.

Tax Accountant

Determines tax strategies that minimize tax liability and prepare tax documents for filing with the IRS

Immediately–if you are not confident in filing your taxes or confident in tax law to ensure you pay the lowest amount legally possible

Who will be your business's next hire?

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